By Material

At we offer a wide range of only high-quality materials for your label, sticker and decal needs. Our extensive selection of materials covers all the products and situations that require labeling. However, depending on the intended use, you will need to choose the appropriate material.

You can choose from different types of materials and finishes that not only will make your labels look attractive, but also protect them from conditions like abrasion, moisture and UV light. Depending on how long you want your labels to last, what conditions they need to withstand, and what kind of label look you want to accomplish you can select different combination of label materials and finishes. You can try paper stock with high-gloss, semi-gloss or matte finish with extra protective layers (transparent films) over the print that prevents from bleed, or vinyl labels with strong permanent adhesive that are available in clear, white matte and white gloss versions and many more other material options selected to meet your custom requirements.

Whether you need vinyl stickers as promotional material for your next business project, or you want to be sure that your products have durable and waterproof vinyl labels that will withstand harsh conditions, or you just need labels for indoor environments, we’ll help you find the material that’s optimal for your needs.

Don’t hesitate to call our print experts. They are always at your disposal and ready to assist you with the material requirements that will fit your needs and give you the right outcome.