E-Juice Labels

Rise of electronic cigarettes over the last several years has brought many profitable opportunities for a variety of accompanying vapor products such as e-liquids and vape juices.  Variety of vapor flavors, nicotine level and other important information is presented on e-juice labels making them an important element in e-juice products branding.

Choosing the right type of e-juice label material is important in order to attract consumers and assure the e-juice bottles look professional and fault-free. They need to be highly durable in order to withstand temperature variations and oiliness of e-liquids. Our custom e-juice labels are carefully crafted to comply to all e-cigarettes market’s standards as well as individual requirements of each producer.

With the help of our team you can achieve the winning quality for your e-juice labels at affordable rates and minimum efforts. Just place your free quote today and we’ll get back to you with label material options, price breakdown and advice on what would be the most cost-effective solution based on your order.