Clear Stickers

In the world of stickers there are numerous different types of stickers serving different purposes. In this myriad of colorful sticky papers you’ll also find clear stickers. Printed on a clear vinyl material, they allow you to see through them and they are great for car windows, storefront windows or any other transparent surface.

Since clear stickers have no coloured background, just your design on a transparent material, they stand out from both sides of the windows making them a popular choice for event fairs and shows, business promotion or any other marketing promotion.’s clear stickers are perfect for outdoor uses as well considering the fact that they are printed on durable and waterproof material. Our custom clear stickers come in any shape, size, colors and quantity and provide the look that stands out day or night.

Call our print experts for clear stickers quote and boost your branding or spread your message with your own clear stickers.