Candle Labels

Crafting your candle products means carefully choosing wax ingredients and fragrances they will carry, but you certainly must not forget the importance of giving your handmade candle products a nice, attractive packaging before you distribute them for selling. Candle labels are not only information providers but a powerful marketing tool that will help your candles be noticed among a variety of similar products.

At we specialize in custom candle labels print and manufacture followed by a courier delivery worldwide. Our candle labels are durable, heat resistant, made with guaranteed quality that stick well on wax surfaces and give your candles a premium look. You can order labels in any size, quantity and shape you need and choose among range of thermal resistant materials and coatings.

Our dedicated customer service team will make sure to assist you with free advice, design adjustments and send you free proofs of your labels before they go to printing. Get a free quote on candle labels today to discover more of our unique services.