Bath Bomb Labels

Bath Bombs are great way to jazz up your bathtime and add color, scent and bubbles to your bathwater. They bring fun to the bathroom and people simply love them because of their relaxing and revitalizing powers.

However, if you are a cosmetic product manufacturer you have to constantly work on the appearance of your bath bomb products as much as on the product quality. Hence your fun bath bombs most certainly need exciting and colorful bath bomb labels.

At we offer custom bath bomb labels that will help you surprise your existing customers and entice many new ones. You get to choose from standard shapes such as square, circle, rectangle and oval or any other custom shape suitable for your product. We offer fully customization of your bath bomb labels, allowing you to order them in any size. Depending on your preferences, you can choose from a variety of bath bomb label materials, coatings and finishes. Our bath bomb labels are durable and will stay on your product no matter the storing conditions.

Whether you are a beginner in the cosmetic industry or a large and well established cosmetic products manufacturer, we can print bath bomb labels in any quantity and suite your label needs. Just call our dedicated customer team and get a free quote on your bath bomb labels.