Water Bottle Labels

Studies say the human body can go for three to five days without water, making it one of the basic factors for our survival. Not only water is essential for our existence, but it also helps some body health conditions. Water can prevent headaches, energize the muscles, help you lose weight, have healthy skin and more.

Although in some places tap water is drinkable, the most reliable way to deliver safe drinking water is through bottled water. Bottled water is controlled and tested and there are strict labeling  regulations that bottled water producers need to meet. Water bottle labels need to include ingredient labeling, name and place of the producer, net weight, nutrition labeling etc. and thus allow consumers get all the necessary information about the quality of the water. This makes water bottle labels an important element for both producers and consumers.

At Customlabels.net we manufacture premium water bottle labels by combining high-quality label stock and adhesives. Our water bottle labels are resistant to moisture and will withstand any conditions that water products are subjected to while transportation or storage.

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