Double Sided Labels

Double sided labels are gaining popularity. This is due to the rising consumer awareness about the environment, as well as the obvious advantages of saving space and label material by using both sides of the label for printing.

Since double sided labels make use of both sides of the material and can be viewed from the front and back, they come in several varieties. You can choose to 1) print different images on each side, such as the “Push” and “Pull” messages on a door, for example, 2) print the same image on both sides of a transparent material and make the message visible from either direction, or 3) print an image on one side and important textual information on the other.

There are many industries and products where maximizing the space of the product label is very beneficial. For example, some products need to have accompanying labels on the packaging that display a lot of information about the company, the product’s ingredients, instructions for use, safe-handling instructions, etc. By the time all information is printed on the label, there’s no room left for any creative branding work that would differentiate the product. If these products are suitable for see-through packaging (glass or plastic bottles, jars, tubes, etc.) double sided printing is an excellent solution for extra information and branding.

Industries that often benefit from the use of double sided stickers are food and beverages, cosmetics, health, gift, textile, shipping and logistics.

Another common use of double sided labels is for promotional messages on shop or car windows. All those “No smoking” signs in restaurants are the results of double sided printing. Other commonly displayed types of information on the back of a double sided sticker are instructions for use, nutritional facts, recipes, unique codes for contests and giveaways, and more.

These labels can be made from any label material. It all depends on their application and storage conditions. If applied on car or shop windows from the outside, they need to be made from durable, waterproof material such as vinyl with a strong adhesive. The same thing goes for labels on cosmetic products, such as shampoo bottles or different types of oil products. The labels need to be resistant to oils and moisture, in the event they are exposed to the product.

Not sure which is the best material for your double sided labels? Let our dedicated customer team help you in choosing the best and most cost effective double sided printing solution for your needs.