3D Stickers

3D stickers also known as dome stickers, have a characteristic three dimensional appearance that is achieved by adding a thick layer to a full colour sticker. This layer is usually made out of UV and scratch-resistant coating called polyurethane. The bubble-like appearance makes 3D dome stickers an attractive choice for businesses that want to promote their products and services in a unique way.

Our custom printed 3D stickers can be used for various applications such as appliances, vehicles, glass windows or promotional items to ensure the information about your product or brand is displayed clearly and professionally for the long run. They make a great alternative to traditional business stickers especially if you want to step up your marketing game.

At Customlabels.net, we print 3D stickers in any shapes and sizes, based on our clients’ needs. Our dome stickers are made out of clear, weather and UV resistant polyurethane for maximum durability even in harsh outdoor conditions. We have no limit on label order so get yourself just one 3D sticker if that’s all you need.

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