Waterproof Labels

Waterproof labels are the most feasible solution when it comes to labeling products that often come in contact with liquids or assets that are exposed wet outdoor conditions. By investing in waterproof labels, you will ensure your product packaging looks professional and flawless no matter the application.

Aside from durability and high-quality polyester, polypropylene and vinyl materials they are made of, our waterproof labels allow full customization to suit the needs of your products, assets or particular labeling project. From cosmetic products to industrial machinery and vehicles, rest assured that our custom waterproof labels will resist any wet environments or damage caused by moisture.

Let’s say you need one waterproof label, of custom size and shape delivered to any location in the world. We can make that happen! On the other hand, if you need 100,000 waterproof labels or more and you’re worried about the price of such project, don’t be! We use sliding scale in forming our prices to ensure you get the best deal on your order.

Get in touch with our team today or simply request a free quote and discover more of our waterproof labels custom options!