Lotion Labels

When deciding on which kind of lotion labels to get for your body lotion products you need to take several things into account. First and foremost, it is important to look at the shape and material your product bottles are made of. Secondly, you need to be aware that your lotion labels will constantly be exposed to wet, shower environments. That means you will be needing durable, water resistant labels that don’t wrinkle instead stay on the lotion bottles firmly attached.

The size and design of your product container will determine the lotion label format as well as shape and other visual elements. That said, having eye-catching, unique label artwork is extremely important for attracting buyers. Customlabels.net team has many years of experience in printing lotion labels, helping our customers achieve great results and meeting their needs with professionalism and care.

Our custom lotion labels, printed on finest quality materials can withstand even the harshest conditions of lotion product exposure. They are durable, water resistant, not tearable or wrinkle prone and come in different shapes, sizes and custom finishes. We don’t have a minimum per label order so whether you need 1 or 1,000 lotion labels, our team will make sure you get the best price for your labels along with the best customer service. Get a quote today – it is free!