Cannabis Labels

If you are part of the recreational and medical cannabis industry, you probably agree that cannabis labels are an essential part for branding, promoting and providing your customers with the necessary product information. However, there are many things to consider when it comes to accurate labeling.

As a producer in cannabis industry, you already know that there are differences in labeling requirements depending on the type of product. In USA, the legal status and labeling requirements for medical marijuana differ from labeling requirements and legal status of CBD labels, and let’s not forget that an emerging number of states have been legalizing cannabis for recreational usage. That’s why cannabis producers should know the packaging and labeling laws of the state where the product is produced and sold.

The common packaging rule is that the packaging should be child-proof and tamper proof. When it comes to medical marijuana labels, they shouldn’t be bright, colorful and appealing to children’s eyes. However, CBD producers and recreational marijuana business owners have more freedom when it comes to cannabis label design.

At we cater to the cannabis retailers by providing them with high-quality and professional cannabis labels available in any size, shape and quantity. Depending on what type of containers you need the marijuana labels for, we offer a wide selection of materials for the most diverse applications. You can put them on any type of bottles, bags, canisters, jars etc. and enhance the look of your packaging.

Labeling marijuana products is important for both producers and customers, so call us for a free cannabis labels quote. Our experienced customer service team will help you with any questions you may have when choosing the right size, shape, material, design and more. Our marijuana labels will ensure your product stands proud on the shelves.