Cosmetic Labeling 101

Labeling is an important part of marketing strategy when you are launching a new product. As a cosmetic manufacturer, you should pay attention to two aspects of a label: design and displayed information.

Well designed cosmetic labels combined with relevant text can add value to your product. Shoppers in the cosmetic  industry are more sensitive to the look of the labels. That’s why cosmetic labels usually have an eye-catchy combination of bright and pastel colors mixed with silver, gold or sparkle fonts.

As a producer you have an option to create labels from scratch or use predesigned cosmetic label templates. Whatever choice you make, playing with different shapes, fonts, colors and label materials can help your product differentiate from the competitor’s. That way your brand can easily attract customers’ attention and acquire new buyers.

Furthermore, information displayed on a label is often a decisive factor in the process of buying. It’s not the rare case that consumers decide to buy product completely based on the text they see on the label.

Also, by using different symbols you can communicate important information with your customers. Some of them are mandatory, depending on the country in which you run your business, and some are proof that you keep the environment safe and that your product has some important certifications.

In this infographic, we are giving you the overview of basic information and some common symbols that can be seen on cosmetic labels.

Cosmetic Labeling 101

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